Dear nursery – part 3!

Dear nursery,

It is with mixed emotions I write this last nursery blog. This week Zac should be graduating from his pre-school year with his friends, all the boys & girls should be celebrating together, all the teachers feeling proud at their little ones graduating to school, all the parents & carers crying happy, proud tears. Instead we’ve been in lockdown & we’ve all missed our last nursery term, we’ve all been keeping busy at home with our families & we’ve been trying to fill our days with fun activities. But the truth is, nursery we’ve missed you & as a parent I’m so sad that I haven’t been able to thank you all & say goodbye properly. So dear nursery, this blog will have to do for now….

What a nursery journey our boy has had – we’ve completed 2 years & achieved more than we ever thought possible. With your hard work, help & care Zac has become an artist, a model builder, a story teller, an inventor, a dancer, a painter, a writer, a baker, a sand sculpture, a play doh modeller, a smart board expert. Over two years he’s taken part in trips to the library, a sports day, an obstacle course day, he’s played with his friends, he’s learned lots of language, he’s learned to count, he’s sometimes learned to listen instead of chatting!! He’s taken part in special themed days, he’s excitedly told me his news when we’ve gotten home.

We can’t thank you all enough for giving Zac the opportunity to be the same as his friends – you have adapted everything so he can take part, you’ve done extra risk assessments, you’ve filled in a mountain of paper work to allow his wheels to join him. You have supported him in everything & you have made sure he’s happy, made sure he’s comfortable, made sure he’s got what he needs. You have loved him. You have been a huge part of this chapter of his life & will always be included in his story.

We know you have all been part of Zac’s nursery journey but there has been a special person who has been with Zac for his full 2 years – mrs s. I cannot thank you enough for the way you have looked after our boy, the way you have made his nursery days fun, the way you have met his every demand, the way you’ve reassured him, the way you have helped him achieve all that he has. You will always be part of our family & I know Zac is going to miss you so much (he’s already asked if he can sneak you into school). And mrs mcC, as his teacher this year you have taught him so much & given him new experiences, you have always listened to his ideas & given him the freedom to go with them. Throughout lockdown your messages have been so appreciated & have cheered us all up and as you know he’s asked to sneak you into school too!! We have been lucky to have such a fab team at nursery & you are all appreciated!!

So nursery – it’s time for our boy to graduate, time for him to start a new chapter, time for him to move up to the world of school. Time for you all to welcome new children, time for you to make lasting impressions on new little lives. Please know there will always be a place in our hearts for nursery & I hope our Zac will always have a place in yours. 💙

Love Zac’s mummy x

Nursery lockdown graduation!!

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