Lockdown life at the Cams!

Life is not normal for anyone right now; we’ve been living in a state of lockdown for 9 weeks which has brought challenges and struggles for us all. We are used to living our life a bit differently from the normal with our two boys but lockdown has taken it to new levels!! So here’s a few thoughts on lockdown life from me………..

It’s ok to do what works for you and your family – some of us need strict structure and routine to thrive, some need to know what to expect and at what time, some need constants in their life to feel safe and secure. Some need the pressure of routine removed, some people can’t cope with knowing the whole day is planned out. Some need their days to be different all the time. Whatever you need to get through the day is ok – we’re all different and it doesn’t matter if your family is doing it slightly different to the family next door, as long as we’re all getting to bedtime happy then it’s ok to do what works for you.

Two crazy boys!!

It’s ok to feel sad – there have been many moments during lockdown where one of us in the house has felt sad; whether it’s seeing family on a screen and not being able to hug them, not being able to visit your favourite shop, missing your “normal” daily life and missing family celebrations. It’s ok to have a cry, feel sad – we don’t need to hold it together all of the time. It’s ok to express these emotions.

It’s not all bad – we’ve had lots of fun during lockdown too. We’ve done loadsa different projects, we’ve made story dens, we’ve played games, we’ve baked, we’ve went walks, we’ve laughed, we’ve made puppet shows, we’ve had chill time. It’s been nice to spend time together, it’s been nice to be at home. We’ve learned some important life lessons & we’ve learned to be stronger because of them.

Life lessons!

It won’t last forever – sometimes it feels like you’re walking through a tunnel with no end in sight but these things pass, we just need to keep going. Each day is a new day & a sad day yesterday can change into a happy day the next.

It’s important to be kind to each other – we have no idea what others are coping with or what kind of day they are having. Flowers on the doorstep, home baking delivered, a text to ask how someone is or a wee phone call can make the difference to someone’s day or situation. We are all going thru different situations but we are all trying to get thru the best we can so let’s just be kind.

So that’s a few of my thoughts on lockdown so far, we’re just taking each day at a time and doing the best we can!! Hopefully some normality will return soon for us all but until then stay safe everyone & get to bedtime happy each day xx

Me and my boys!!

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