To Zac on school enrolment day!

To Zac,

I can’t believe this day is here, time to enrole you for school. This is another milestone in your story, another step forward, it’s a day we weren’t sure we’d be seeing and so it was with a heart full of emotion that I handed in your forms.

The teachers are all excited, Caleb’s little brother will be joining him at the big school. They have been making preparations for you already – the new building will be fully accessible, there’s new equipment & plans are in place to make sure you have all you need. You are excited – you’ve been saying for the last few months that you can’t wait to be at school beside your brother. At 4 years old you are more than ready for school – you are a master at communicating, you love stories and arts & crafts, you love to be around people & you are ready to learn new things. The teachers are getting ready for you, you are ready, the truth is it’s me that’s not ready.

I’m not ready for this new chapter, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to let you go off into the world of school but this is a miracle milestone and you are far too smart & clever to be at home all day!! I will worry, I will probably shed tears, I will have sleepless nights, I will wonder what you’re up to, I will wonder if you’ve had your medicines and your feeds, I will be thinking about you & if you’re comfortable, if you’re managing your work. I will be waiting incase the phone rings and I will be a bit lost without you in the house in the afternoons.

But I know you need this new milestone – at 4 years old you are already wondering what you will be as a grown up. You keep asking me if you’ll work in an office like daddy, if you’ll write stories, if you’ll be on tv and you always say “I just can’t decide mummy”. Well here’s what I think; I think you are totally awesome, I think you are funny, I think you are brave and determined, I think you have a fighting spirit, I think you always know the right words to say, I think you are a genius and I think school will give you so much opportunities & experiences that you can be anything you want to be.

So that’s it, you are now enrolled. We’re well on our way to you becoming a big school boy. I couldn’t be more proud of you and all you have achieved so far. For the next few months tho, I’ll enjoy our afternoons and your endless funny chatter because my heart has a few more months to get ready for this next chapter in your story. 💙

One thought on “To Zac on school enrolment day!

  1. Amy ilove reading Zacs journey in life . You write so well. I remember your fears and concerns about Zak starting nursery and look how he coped so well and smashed it making you all proud . I.m sure his next step into school will be just as positive and Zak will embrace it with all his strength and determination making you forever proud .. Lots of love Jackie xxx

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