To our chas volunteer!!

The world is filled with lovely people, some of us are lucky enough to see this loveliness in action. Quite a few months ago we were offered the chance to be part of a new program that chas were running – a home support volunteer program. This service matches volunteers to families who are chas service users and helps where people feel they could do with an extra pair of hands; they might come in & help with some house work, maybe they will help catch up with some errands or they can offer support to a sibling. We asked if we could have some sibling support for Caleb; someone who could do some activities with him & keep him busy after school one day a week. Caleb was matched to a volunteer & this lovely person gave up her own Thursday nights to support him over the last few months. Sadly for us, our volunteer was offered a new opportunity which included a move down south so our Thursdays nights won’t be the same. We said goodbye a few weeks ago and this is a thanks to you – our lovely chas volunteer:

Thank you for coming into our home and totally getting us – for accepting the craziness & for just joining in with it!! Thank you for listening to Caleb talk about space, planets, numbers, countries & all the little obsessions he goes through. You didn’t just listen and nod along like so many people often do, you actually joined in with him; you gave him new facts, you fed his imagination, you expanded his knowledge! Thank you for running around the park to play football, for letting him win, for counting steps & for helping him achieve that biggest steps record ever!! For the hours you had to bounce on a trampoline and for the times he shouted because you were late!! Thank you for turning up at our house with craft supplies ready to keep Caleb entertained, for looking up experiments & projects you thought would interest him and for sitting watching repeats of Shaun the sheep whilst eating ice poles. Thank you for giving up your own time, for driving a distance to get to us & for being Caleb’s “grown up” that was just for him!! Lastly thank you for the postcard you sent Caleb – knowing how much he loves routine you said he’s to read it on Thursdays & knowing how difficult it is for him to understand the unseen you asked him to find your location on his globe so that he could see where you are!! It was such a special thing for him & just so you know he says a 7 hour drive is not too far for you to still visit on a Thursday!!

So lovely volunteer, we’re so glad you were a part of our family and wish you lots of happiness in your new adventures!!

If you are someone who has experienced the amazing work a volunteer does then you are like us & very lucky to see that there are lovely people in this world. If you’ve never experienced the work of a volunteer & you have spare time & a big heart then maybe you could be one and be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people!!

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