And now you are 4!!!

Wednesday, 19th June 2019 – Zac turns four!!!!! I can’t quite believe my baby is 4 today, we were never quite sure what our future looked like, never sure which birthdays we’d get to celebrate, never sure how many candles we’d get to blow out and well today is another miracle milestone because Zaccy you are four!!!!

The house is decorated with banners, balloons, parcels & cake. There’s much excitement from Caleb who in his own way is so happy that you are four – he picked out a special present for you & took pride in writing your card. We’re ready to celebrate – this day is all about you Zaccy!!

I remember the day you came into our lives – we had so much hopes & dreams for the little boy you would become. Those hopes & dreams may have changed into different ones over the last few years but you are showing us that you can achieve more that anyone thought possible. You are showing us that you don’t follow anyone’s rule book, you don’t follow the medical journals, you don’t fit into the “normal” mould – you are making your own history, you are writing your own story, you are creating your own dreams and we are so proud of the little four year old you are!!

You fill our days with endless chatter, your cheeky humour makes us laugh, you face challenges with bravery, you love nonsense and all things mischievous. You are fun, you are smart, you are brave, you are our miracle & today you are four!!!!

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