Sharing our story!

A few weeks ago we took part in some filming for the charity muscular dystrophy uk. The film was to be used to help their campaign in trying to get the treatment, spinraza, approved by nhs England. This is the treatment Zac has been receiving since June 2017. For us this treatment has been a miracle & for those who follow our journey you will know this medicine has enabled Zac to reach milestones we never thought possible; he can drive a power chair, he is attending nursery, he has kept well & he is gaining some muscle strength back!! Families in England are still being denied this treatment so we wanted to share our story to help the campaign. Our hope is that if even one person is helped by seeing our wee video then it’s worth sharing our story. For anyone out there who may be struggling with a diagnosis of any sort please know you are not alone. Sometimes life is unfair & difficult and throws curve balls but always hold on to hope – I hope our story shows that & I hope our story shows that miracles still happen. Below is the link to the little film we made.

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