The special needs mama.

Being a mum is the most challenging role I’ve ever had to play. Your beautiful babies get placed in your arms and all of a sudden you are totally responsible for these little lives. You dream of what it’s going to be like; feeding, nappies, sleepless nights then onto toddling, splashing in puddles, cuddles, bedtime stories and you dream of the people these little ones are going become. Then one day life throws a curve ball and you become a “special needs” mama.

The “special needs” mama may have to deal with nappies longer than the average mum, will probably be getting up during the night more than the average mum, will maybe be doing more physical care and will probably be dealing with hospitals, appointments, school meetings and professionals in order to fight for the best for their child. The “special needs” mama might not be able to dream of a time when their child grows up, they may not be able to think further than the next few days, they might have to adapt their plans for their own future. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised we’re all just the same. All our kids have different needs and all our kids have little quirks that only we know how to deal with. We’re all mums muddling thru the everyday doing the best we can.

As mums, special needs mums or not, we are all exhausted, we run after our children day & night, we all work as hard as we can to ensure our children have all they need, we all cry sometimes, we all need a break sometimes, we all make sacrifices for our babies, we all worry, we all feel insecure, we all feel judged at times, we all want our kids to “fit in” and we all face challenges.

Our babies make us proud, they make us feel love we never knew possible, they bring out this protective instinct we never knew we had, they make us brave, they teach us amazing things everyday, they show us what life is all about and we become better human beings because of them.

So this Mother’s Day we’re all “special”, we’re all doing our best and we’re all in it together. Happy Mother’s Day to you all and know that you are loved today. 💕