A valentines message for my husband.

I married my childhood sweetheart, my best friend. We used to dream of our future – what it would be like, what jobs we would have, where we would travel and what our babies would be like. Fast forward 13 years and we have 2 boys – one with sma and one about to receive an autism diagnosis. I stay at home and look after our boys while my husband works to pay our bills. It’s certainly not the life we had planned – we didn’t plan for lots of hospital, we didn’t plan wheelchairs, we didn’t plan meltdowns but what we did plan was to be a team – to love each other through the laughs and the cries, to work together through the challenges. Our boys have made us stronger and I love my husband for the daddy he’s become. So here’s my valentines message for my him:

I saw your face on diagnosis day, I saw your heart break and I saw your dreams crushed. I saw your pain at the situation that couldn’t be “fixed” and I saw your fear at the uncertainty of the future. But then I watched as you made different dreams, you adapted your plans and you changed your priorities. I saw you researching, I saw you figuring it out and I watched you become a totally awesome daddy.

I see you going to work every day and going through the daily grind, I see you coming home tired, I see you doing all you can to provide for us. I see you when you’d rather be chilling but instead you’re taking over the physio routine with our warrior, or you’re doing the meds so I can take a shower or you’re helping sort the dinner because an appointment has run late. I see you driving from hospital to hospital to be with us when our warrior has various treatments and tests. I see you run to the supermarket because I haven’t been able to get out that day. I see you diffuse melt downs, I see you typing up social stories, I see you make cool down areas and I see you finding solutions. I see you turn down nights out, I see you miss your team playing. I see you.

I see you laughing & having nonsense with our boys, I see your sense of pride when our boys reach a milestone, I see you celebrate when our boys achieve a miracle. I see you.

I am so grateful to you for all you do and please know I see you totally smashing this different kind of normal life. This Valentine’s Day I see you and I love you for all of it.

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