2018 – miracles, milestones & meltdowns.

So 2018 is coming to an end and we’re about to be launched into 2019. 2018 – the year I started to blog and the year I started to share about our different kind of normal so here’s a look back at the year we’ve had and a look forward to what 2019 will bring.

We welcomed the arrival of 2018 from a hospital room – we started the year fighting a chest infection and as Zac battled through, the rest of us hoped for a miracle. We didn’t have time to celebrate the beginning of this new year, we were thrown right into survival mode and after a weeks stay in hospital we were home – our warrior had defeated another infection – our first miracle of 2018. The rest of 2018 saw Zac keep in the best health he’s ever had – we managed our longest ever spell out of the hospital ward (11 months) and we’ve celebrated him get stronger month by month. We’ve saw his scoliosis half as we braced his spine and he’s had various new splints to help protect his legs. This summer he perfected his driving skills and is now a master with his wizzybug, he gained some strength in his legs and he has been able to play with more function. He got some new wheels, a new fancy bed and has started to use technology to work his tv by himself!! As we go through the everyday he amazes us with his strength of character, his bravery and his wicked sense of humour!

2018 saw us go through various tests and assessments with Caleb and although we’ve always known he was different, this year the word autism was thrown into our world. We’ve researched, set up aids to help and learned techniques to help Caleb understand this world that doesn’t come naturally to him. It’s a relief that we are now close to official diagnosis; it’s been a long journey with various professionals, meetings, appointments and many meltdowns along the way. I would love in 2019 to raise more awareness of autism so that this world can see my son for the super human he is. We’ve celebrated him win awards at school this year, proudly listened to his excellent reports and been super proud of the belts he gained at tiger class. As we go through the everyday he amazes us with his genius mind, his insight into numbers and the incredible details he notices.

We became a stronger this year as we all accepted our different. There is a relief in letting go and accepting we’re not going to have that normal life and it brings a freedom to just be our different and enjoy it. We had an amazing family holiday this summer where we chilled and had fun, we celebrated birthdays, we got tattoos, we went road trips, we had family nights, we’ve eaten a lot of cake, we’ve laughed and we’ve made memories. Me & Craig celebrated 10 years of marriage and have even managed to get away for a few date nights. I had my biggest challenge ever as I learned to get to grips with our bus, I gave up my part time job to be home full time and we celebrated the big milestone of Zac starting nursery. We welcomed carers into our home this year for a few hours a week and although I was initially apprehensive about this, these lovely ladies have become like part of our family as they look after Zac for a few hours so we can have some time out. Yes there have been hard times too – our weeks are filled with appointments, treatments and daily to-do-lists, there have been tears at the frustration of it all, there have been fall outs, battles and meltdowns. There have been weeks filled with craziness, days where it’s been exhausting, days where we are on edge waiting for the next hospital admission and days where we’ve not wanted to be different. But we take each day at a time and get through these times as a team. A new day always comes.

So we’re about to say “hello” to 2019 – I plan to set up a Facebook page for our journey, I hope to raise awareness of different, I hope to continue to share our story. I hope to be stronger, braver, fearless. I will continue to take one day at a time and 2019 it will be well with my soul. I will live my different kind of normal to the best I can!

*thank you to everyone who has supported & followed our journey this year! Wishing you all happiness for 2019!!

2 thoughts on “2018 – miracles, milestones & meltdowns.

  1. Amazing Amy . I love reading these . You are such an . inspirstion. I am so proud and privileged to be related to such an amazing young woman… . You have 2 amazing kids and a rock of a hubby . In lots of ways you are so so lucky and they are too as they have you . Here’s to a 2019 different kind of normal .. love to you all from all of us . We are here always so feel free to use us if you are ever in need . Xxxx


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