Merry Christmas to my sma mummies!

I started out my journey of being an sma mama with just me – I didn’t know anyone else in this position or anyone else going through the same whirlwind I was in the middle off. Through the power of FaceBook that changed – another sma mama from Scotland saw one of my posts and messaged me saying she knew of another mum too so she set up a wee group and we became the 3 sma mums. We messaged lots for support on all things sma. Fast forward a few months and we were a group of 5. Our friendship and support continued to grow and these girls have become a life line in my daily life – phone a friend & ask the audience. A few weeks ago we added another mama to our group who is at the beginning of her whirlwind making us 6 Scottish sma mums. It’s nearly Christmas – a time to be thankful for what we have and a time to believe in miracles. So my Scottish sma mums this is my thank you to you:

Right now we are a group of 6 mamas; we all have different backgrounds, different beliefs, different ways of coping, different family set ups and different views but the one thing we all have in common is we all have an sma warrior. Our sma warriors teach us all daily what true strength is and they are proof that miracles happen. We have only met each other a handful of times and yet I feel I’ve known you all forever. When we got dealt this sma card we were all searching for someone else who totally got it, someone else who would understand & for me that group of girls is you.

Some of our days are hard, some of our days are exhausting, some of our days are filled with appointments. Some days our backs are breaking, some days we feel guilty, some days we fight with our partners, some days we are stressed, some days we don’t even get through half of our to-do-lists. Some days we want to run away and some days end in tears. On those days we pick each other up, we tell each other tomorrow is another day. On those days we rant to each other, we feel each other’s pain, we get the emotion out – our phones ping all night and usually the tears turn to laughter as we dig each other out. On those days there is no judgement – we’re all in it together, we totally get it.

Some days we see amazing miracles, some days we meet milestones never thought possible, some days we smash through our to-do-lists by lunch time, some days we fall in love with our partners again. Some days we have no hospital, some days we get a break and some days we feel on top of the world. Some days we love the life we have and some days end with a smile. On those days we celebrate together, we feel so proud of each other’s kids. We send messages of support, funny messages and we share the highs. We’re all in it together, we totally get it.

Our group has become more than sma – it’s a group of mamas who are incredibly strong, incredibly brave and we have each other’s backs no matter what the situation. We message each other to say goodnight, we check in if someone’s been a bit quiet for a while, sometimes we send a novel, sometimes we just send an emoji, we message at the “3am roll”, we message from the hospital, we message with advice, we message with support, we message with rants & we message with high fives.

So girls I want to thank you all for the laughs, the rants, the tears, the miracles and the milestones we’ve experienced as a group this year. I feel privileged to call you all friends and love doing this different kind of normal life with you. I wish I could’ve gotten us all a spa day or a This Morning makeover but all I have is a thank you and Merry Christmas to you all. I look forward to smashing sma life with you all in 2019.

Love me x

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