Two boys, a scooter and a wizzy.

Having two boys with very different needs can make playing together a tricky task; Zac’s sma means he needs help to physically move around and Caleb finds social interaction challenging. However, I watched my two boys play together yesterday – both of them playing around each other’s different needs thanks to a scooter and a wizzybug.

“Wizzybug” is Zac’s little electric wheelchair which is provided by a charity called Designability. This amazing charity run a loan scheme where wizzy is loaned free of charge until a child reaches the age where a bigger power chair is needed. Zac was lucky enough to receive a wizzybug last year and he has gradually built up the strength and skill to drive himself. Wizzy has given Zac a little bit of independence and the ability to make choices for himself but I think most importantly wizzy has given Zac the chance to play.

Yesterday we went to the park and we took wizzy with us. Caleb raced around on his scooter and waited for Zac & wizzy to catch up, they “ran” together to the play park and thanks to wizzy Zac was able to access some of the activities by himself. I think for the first time ever I heard Zac say “mum I’m going over here” and off he whizzed to a game. I was waving as he drove away – it was such a novelty to be able to see him make his own choice about where he wanted to go! I then watched my boys chase each other on the grass – a wizzy chasing a scooter – they were laughing and were full of nonsense. Zac was able to drive through the crunchy autumn leaves as Caleb led them to a hideout in the woods and my two boys were pretending to be gruffalo’s in the forest! Wizzy has also given Zac the chance to get up to mischief and like any “normal” 3 year old, he decided to “run” away. He had freedom to be naughty. The lovely thing about this is that it also gives Caleb the chance to be big brother. Caleb was scooting along the path, giggling at Zac “running” away as he tried to persuade him to drive back round; a big brother trying to get his wee brother out of trouble!!

As I watched my two boys playing and having fun I realised that it really doesn’t matter what our differences are – fun is something that’s in your heart and with the help of a scooter and a wizzy I just saw two brothers having fun in their own world & they were completely unaware they were any “different kind of normal”.

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