To Zac: On the eve of your 3rd birthday

To Zac,

It’s the eve of your 3rd birthday and the excitement is building in the Cameron house! It’s a bit of a miracle milestone you won’t yet understand but the rest of us do and that’s why we put you up to bed early to start planning your big day. Caleb sneaked back out of bed to help and I’m sure you knew something was going on as you shouted about 10 times for position changes, a drink, blanket on, blanket off, a story, you needed the door adjusted a certain way…..

You see, here’s the thing – your first birthday was surrounded by some mystery; “why isn’t he sitting up yet?”, “why hasn’t he crawled?”, what presents should we buy? We were in that limbo stage of waiting on tests, waiting on hospital clinics, wondering if we’d done something wrong, wondering what your future looked like. Of course we celebrated and you smiled away but you struggled to stay up in your hi-chair and you were exhausted after the celebrations.

We “celebrated” your 2nd birthday in hospital – intensive care to be exact! There wasn’t much party atmosphere as you had a serious chest infection and were on a lot of breathing support. The night before you turned 2 I left the hospital in tears – I phoned as soon as I got home and the nurse told me she had decorated your bed with banners and balloons – it devastated us all that we weren’t the ones doing the decorating. You opened a few presents on your 2nd birthday and the docs agreed to remove your ventilation for a few minutes so you could have a taste of cake. You were so poorly that only mummy & daddy were allowed to see you that day – your big brother was so upset that he didn’t get to help you blow your candles out!

So now it’s the night before your 3rd birthday and me & Caleb have filled the house with batman banners and balloons! The table is set with batman party plates ready for a birthday breakfast – we know you’re highly unlikely to eat a birthday breakfast but the rest of us are excited to eat toast off batman plates!! We’ve made a sign that says “Zaccy is 3” – Caleb did want to say “Zaccy is 2 + 1” you know how he is a quirky numbers man!! Daddy has built you a swing in the garden and we’ve piled all your presents up on the couch.

It’s the night before your 3rd birthday, tomorrow there will be no mystery – you are who you are, we know exactly what presents to buy you because at nearly 3 you are a master at telling us what you can do. We no longer need to wonder what the future will be – you guide us through the everyday one day at a time.

It’s the night before your 3rd birthday, tomorrow there will be no sadness – we’re all together at home and you’re stronger than you’ve ever been.

So we’re all ready for you turning 3 tomorrow – your 3rd birthday is for celebrating, you can eat cake whenever you want, you can see whoever you want, you can swing on your swing, you can play batman all day, your brother will help you open presents & blow your candles out and little one we will enjoy this miracle milestone of you becoming a 3 year old!

Love mummy x

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