Little moments of perfect.

Being mummy to two boys with very different needs is the most demanding job I’ve ever had. Some days it gets to bed time and I feel like I’ve screamed all day – “leave your brother alone”, “come on let’s hurry”, “we don’t hate in this house”, “keep your hands to yourself”, “stay in your own space” are phrases on repeat some days!!

Some days my boys argue, some days they make each other cry, some days they find it difficult to understand each other’s needs, some days they don’t want to be near each other, some days they call each other silly names. These are the days you feel so much pressure to be a “normal happy family”.

Some days my boys make each other laugh, some days they want to cuddle with a movie, some days the play silly games with each other, some days they understand exactly what the other needs, some days they are best buddies, some days they say the nicest things and have the funniest conversations and some days they are a team! These days make you realise you are a “happy family in a different normal”.

Sometimes little perfect moments happen in every day life and in these little moments you are more than a “happy family”, in these moments your heart explodes with pride at the tiny little humans you have made. One of these perfect little moments happened while we were out at the park: “mummy I’m going to push my brother today”. I watched Caleb push his little brother in his wheelchair to the park – he was so proud, so chuffed and his little arms using all of their five year old strength. He was a brother on a mission! As I watched my heart was filled with happiness, it was a tiny moment of perfect. I saw two boys who are so very different, I saw two brothers being one team and I saw two brothers who can conquer the world as “a different kind of normal”. πŸ’™πŸ’™

6 thoughts on “Little moments of perfect.

  1. Love reading ur posts Amy, u have a talent for writing young lady! U should consider writing a book, to reach to many other people.😊. U r the best family and I am in awe of


    1. Aww thankyou so much!! Just thought it would be therapeutic writing my crazy thoughts down – wasn’t sure anyone would even want to read them!! I’ve had so much support already so watch this space – maybe I will write a book one day! 😘 xxx


  2. Another amazing touching post, although they always make me cry inside and sometime outside, I love reading them, Mum and I are so proud of you and your amazing talented special boys


  3. Love reading your blog. You have two handsome young boys. They are so lucky to have you as their mummy. Your kindness and caring attitude is obviously shared by your sons. Tears in my eyes reading this xxx


    1. Awww thankyou 😘😘 I’ve had so much support – means a lot to me!! I’m just a mum taking each day as it comes & hoping I’m doing the right thing by my boys!! Thankyou for taking the time to read – I really appreciate the support 😘 xxx


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